Case Managers

Azrael Dune

<Information Redacted>

Charlotte Ward

Charlotte Ward, PhD, leads Tartaruchus’ extraplanar/hyperplanar division with a steady hand guided by years of service. A Fhtagn Fellow and three-time recipient of Miskatonic University’s Armitage Award for Mental Fortitude, Dr. Ward refuses to back down from a case, no matter how dangerous or inconceivable.

Abramo Bovenzi

Father Abramo Bovenzi worked in Tartaruchus’ infernal division for three decades before taking up the mantle of Case Manager, and puts that experience to work for you. A B.P.R.D.-licensed Cult Breaker, Father Bovenzi confronts the hateful energy of the abyss with a growth mindset and customer-first mentality.

Saito Hanako

With a background in extraterrestrial response and restorative surgery, Dr. Saito Hanako handles extranormal cases of mutation, implantation, and incursion. Named a Roswell Rising Star in 2016, Dr. Saito ensures that every client goes on to lead a complete, fulfilling, entirely human life after treatment.

Sygald Dane

Dr. Sygald Dane is Tartaruchus’ resident expert in psycho-spiritual contamination and treatment of psychic incursion. For eleven years, Dr. Dane has handled the affairs of clients committed to Tartaruchus’ internal care facilities, with a focus on specialized care that caters to the needs of each patient. Vatican licensed exorcist.

Augustus Kent

A nine-year veteran of Tartaruchus Solutions’ spectral division, Augustus Kent specializes in the containment and cleansing of spectrally-tainted artifacts and locations. With zero incomplete purifications on his record, Mr. Kent exemplifies Tartaruchus’ dedication to flawless service.