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Dos and Don’ts of securing anomalous items for future containment


Despite Tartaruchus’ nation-wide staff of extranormal response specialists, sometimes we cannot immediately respond to a client, due to extenuating circumstances or an unusually high volume of cases. If your case is not prioritized, here are some helpful tips to minimize the impact of an anomalous item on your life while you wait for containment.

  • DO NOT attempt to dispose of the anomalous item yourself. Many anomalous items are nearly impossible to destroy or lose, and making the attempt could anger any entities involved.
  • DO place the anomalous item in a closed, opaque, locked container, ideally lined with lead.
  • DO place the container in a place where it will not be disturbed, and where you will not see it regularly. DO NOT place it somewhere where another person could find it and open it.
  • DO try to ignore the anomalous item. Like schoolyard bullies and internet trolls, extranormal entities often draw power from attention. Resist any urges to open the locked container.
  • DO stay in touch with Tartaruchus Solutions. We will send a containment team to address your issue as soon as we possibly can.


Caring for a psychically-afflicted loved one


Dealing with psychic contamination can be a very trying experience, both for the afflicted individual and for family members and friends. Take the following steps to make this difficult time easier:

  • As a caregiver, your safety is the first priority. If you feel that your loved one or a parasitic entity presents a threat to you, remove yourself to a safe place before taking any other steps. If you become a second victim, you cannot help your loved one.
  • Ensure that your loved one maintains a healthy daily routine. The psychically-afflicted often neglect food, water, and hygiene, so take responsibility for ensuring that your loved one receives the nutrition and rest they deserve.
  • Be understanding. When the parasitic entity wanes, it often leaves its host confused, frightened, and exhausted. Your loved one may not remember that they are possessed. Ensure that, even when appearing normal, your loved one remains in a place where they can rest and be cared for.
  • Contact Tartaruchus and ask about our in-patient care facilities. Under the care of our expert clinicians, your loved one will receive the best treatment money can buy.


Identifying an extranormal presence


One of the most common questions we receive here at Tartaruchus Solutions is “how can I tell if a building contains an extranormal entity?” Look for these key signs in the space and give us call if you notice an unusual increase in their prevalence.

  • A general sense of malaise or threat in the space; the first sign of a spectral entity is often a gut reaction to a negative psychic presence.
  • Flickering lights, crashing software, and failing electronics with no discernible cause.
  • Repeated dreams and intrusive thoughts, usually organized around a specific entity or theme.
  • Objects changing location when out of sight.
  • Sounds with no discernible origin, or movement at the corner of vision.
  • Full manifestation of a spectral entity: observation of an entity with the naked eye indicates an advanced case of extranormal infestation. Contact Tartaruchus Solutions immediately.